Born:  26-1-13

Colour:  Blue Merle

Coat:  Medium

Registered:  No

Rosie is an outstanding looking Blue Merle.  She came from a working farm in Dorset, but not being registered, we can only trace her breeding back to her Great Grandparents.  The working lines are excellent, which includes her mother's ability to work sheep and cattle, but also to take part in agility competitions.  Rosie has had six litters of pups with excellent reports of her offspring working well on cattle & sheep farms, but also with agility and as family pets.  We are getting regular reports about the pups from her litter owners, with all the feedback being very very positive! Rosie is now retired.

Please Note:

As with all of our dogs, their temperament has to be superb.  Rosie, Moss & Faye are perfectly good tempered, therefor excellent with children.  We would not own a bad tempered dog.

  • Rosie's Parents

    Rosie's dad Jake ( B & W border collie) Gillingham Dorset. In the background is Rosie's Mother Lucy (born 22-11-08) Blue Merle.
    Lucy's dad (Blue Merle) and Lucy's mother (Red & White border collie)

  • Rosie

    In centre of photo.