My name is Clive Hodge and I was born and brought up on a mixed livestock farm near Saltash in Cornwall.  Border Collies have been a part of my life since I was born.  I have lived and worked within the Agricultural Industry for most of my life, with working for Livestock Auctioneers, and for the last 31 years as a Ruminant Feeds Salesman & Nutritionist.  My interest in training Border Collies as farm dogs has always been with me, as it was with my Dad Anthony (Tony) Hodge before me, but most of my spare time in the past was taken up with playing or coaching football & cricket.  But now that my sporting days are over, it's owning & training Border Collie Sheepdogs that is important to me.  My wife Tina grew up in a rural area and used to own other breeds of dog, but since we've been together she's been completely converted to Border Collies.  Tina has a natural connection with dogs and is excellent with training the puppies in the early stages.  My young son Anthony is growing up with Border Collies around him as I did and I hope his interest in them will continue into the future.  In November 2015 we relocated to Carmarthenshire in Wales.  I'm working as an Area Manager for Agri-King UK, covering South Wales.  Our prefix (Amytreesheepdogs) will remain the same. 

Our purpose in the past, now & in the future was & is to breed very high quality Border Collie Pups that will be sheepdog trial/working farm dogs, take part in Agility, Flyball, etc, or be pets for suitable & active homes/owners.  Their temperament, intellegence & working strain must be excellent.  We also like our pups & dogs to be easy on the eye, so lovely looking smooth, medium or rough coated is essential.  There are usually just one or two Litters a year and most of them will be ISDS registered.  Our dogs are trained to work our sheep and we will be training other young dogs that are brought to us. Our prefix Amytreesheepdogs is registered with the International Sheepdog Society and our dogs/pups can also be registered with the KC.        

Me (Clive Hodge) as a child growing up on Tor Farm in the 60's, with puppies from a tri coloured bitch called Lassie.